Porridge Topping Ideas – Dad's Oats

Porridge Topping Ideas


Pear - fresh pear, poached, or even the type in juice

Berries – Fresh berries or mix in frozen berries before you finish cooking the porridge

Pomegranate seeds


Apple – add to the porridge while you are cooking it to help soften.


A little sweet kick


A light sprinkle of brown sugar


Sugar-free options:

Rice Malt Syrup

Cocoa powder


Butter and/or a sprinkle of salt

Nut Butters such as Almond Butter, Peanut Butter. We love ABC butter (Almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews)

Chopped Nuts - flaked almonds work well 

Coconut Flakes 


Dried Fruits

Cranberries, dates, sultanas and apricots are all quick and easy to add to porridge!


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