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FAQs about Dad's Oats

Can I update my Subscription Saver pack details?
Yes, you can see a detailed guide on how to manage your Subscription Saver pack here.

I’m from Overseas/International - can I order some oats and get them shipped to me?
Unfortunately not at this stage. Sorry - we would love too - but shipping processed foods can be tricky (cost and regulation wise), and we are only at our early stages so just working it all out.

Please register your interest here at www.dadsoats.com/international and we will let you know when we have a local supplier in your country.

We have had some strong interest from buyers in China, so we should have our first stock available there in the not too distant future.

What if my delivery hasn’t arrived? 
Your order may take up to 5-7 business days to arrive. If it has been more than 7 business days please contact us at alicia@dadsoats.com or peter@dadsoats.com

What's the difference between Traditional Rolled Oats and Quick Oats? 
Quick Oats are rolled a bit thinner and cut up more so that they cook slightly quicker than traditional rolled oats. Quick Oats are also higher GI and some people (including children) find them easier to digest. 

What are the health benefits of oats?
Oats are very low in sugar, have a Low GI (long burn/digestion, so you feel fuller for longer), help lower cholesterol, help stabilise blood sugar, enhance immune response to infection, help control appetite hormones, may boost nutrition profile of gluten free diets, reduce the risk of asthma in children, and help keep you regular!

(see links to medical studies on the Wholegrains council, and the WorldsHealthiestFoods websites)

How are Dad’s Oats different to the cheap brands in the supermarket? 
For five generations our family has been growing premium quality oats. We’ve also picked out the very best 5% of our harvest so you get the absolute ‘cream of the crop’ in your brekky bowl. 

Not only is the quality tip top, but because the oats are from a single origin source (our farm) we can tell you exactly how and where they have been grown and how they have been treated along the way. This is very important when considering the nutritional content of what you are eating and how it has been treated in terms storage and pesticides and herbicides. 

Do oats contain Gluten?
- Gluten Protein
Yep, all oats have their own special gluten protein (Avenin in oats Vs Gliadin in wheat).
The gluten protein in oats estimated to be ~12-16% Vs ~69%+ in wheat. 

Australian Food Standards prohibit labeling oats 'gluten free', but in other countries (such as the US and UK), the same oats can be labelled ‘gluten free’.

- Segregation of the oats
Our oats are grown on our farm which does also grow wheat - so although the crops are segregated, there is a chance of some wheat growing in an oat paddock.

The test samples taken when processing our first batch of Dad’s Oats (our best 5% of oats harvested), showed no wheat, but it doesn’t completely rule out the existence of wheat in the batch. 

The equipment used at the plant processing Dad’s Oats is exclusive for oats. Furthermore, the oats are 'screened/cleaned' to clear contaminants. However we can never claim 100% guarantee free from wheat contaminants. 

- Gluten Intolerance
In a more practical sense, a lot of people that have a gluten intolerance can still eat oats, and use oats as an alternative/replacement to wheat based products. It is a case by case basis for each individual - as always inform yourself, and consult your doctor.

There is some great information for coeliacs on Coeliac Australia’s website here

What are groats?
Groats are the raw oat from the paddock with the husk (shell) taken off and steamed to stabilise them.. Groats can be freshly rolled using one of our hand, stone oat rollers or used in cooking similar to brown rice

What does ‘stabilised’ mean? 
Our oats are dehulled (husk taken off) and then they are steamed at a high temperature to stablise them before they are rolled (or left unrolled for the groats). This steaming process ensures that the oat does not sprout and it will have an excellent shelf life.
If they are not stabilised they really only last maybe 10 days or less (or can go rancid earlier than that, they must also be kept in the fridge). 

Why is freshly rolled the best? 
As soon as you roll an oat, the oxidization process starts and the nutritional and flavour profile starts to break down. So if you eat them freshly rolled it ensures you get the maximum health benefits and also maximum flavour. 

Where are the oats grown? 
On our family farm at Natte Yallock. 

Natte Yallock has a population of 188 people, plus thousands of sheep & cows and a few trusty farm dogs.

It is a small regional township located in the Pyrenees Shire, approximately 200 kilometres north-west of Melbourne (roughly between Ballarat and Bendigo). This is where Dad’s Oats come from.

The region is characterised by thriving cereal crops, sheep, cattle, friendly farmers and the Pyrenees ranges in the background. Oh and did we mention the cheeky farm dogs? There’s a few of those around too!

Can I buy Dad’s Oats in Bulk or Wholesale?
Yep you sure can! If you are a cafe, or specialty/premium food retailer, we would love to hear from you - drop us a line at peter@dadsoats.com.

Is your farm organic?
We are not certified, however we do not use herbicides or pesticides on the oat crop as it is growing in the paddock, or on the grain after it has been harvested. 
We do use fertilisers such as urea (for nitrogen ‘N’) and super (for phosphorus ‘P’) to ensure the nutritional quality of the oats is high, however because of this we can’t be certified organic.
One thing that we think is really important about our oats is that you know where they have come from, what processes they have been through and been exposed to.
We adopt best practice farming in order to be able to reduce exposure to chemicals. For example, pests (such as weevils) love to eat the oat grains after they have been harvested. We work to prevent this problem by using airtight sealed silos which prevents these pests from breeding/surviving. 
Most oats used for making rolled oats in the general market will contain oats treated by a variety of different toxic chemicals and gases. This is because those oat manufacturers aggregate the oats from all sorts of suppliers and farmers who use a variety of good and not so good practices.

Are Dad’s Oats genetically modified?
Didn’t yo mumma ever tell you not to play with your food?! Ours did and we don’t. 

Our oats are GMO free. 

What type of oats do you grow?
We use a variety called ‘Echidna Oats’ - this is actually one of the older varieties in the history of oats - but a good one for our area, it grows beautifully on the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges!

How do I best store my oats?
Keep your oats in cool, stable conditions, in a sealed container/packet to help ensure they last as long as possible.
It is also a very good idea that you keep the container sealed to keep out any pests such as weevils or pantry moths - they love oats so much, they might get to them before you do!!

Will the stock market crash this year? 

Not sure. We’re really only experts in oats.