Our Oats – Dad's Oats

Our Oats

How the oats grow 

The seeds are sown in the cool Autumn months. In June and July they pop up out of the soil and enjoy the cold but sometimes sunny winter days.

​They are pretty sleepy during these months though, just chillin’ out doing their thing, growing bit by bit. Then in Spring, its action time!  

When it rains they really gear up and get growing. Lots of sunny days help ensure they run on schedule and keep in tip-top condition. As summer approaches they reach maturity, growing tall and strong and full of goodness.  

They start to dry off in November and then its harvest time!




Why Dad’s Oats?

We don’t mean to brag … but we think they really are the best! 
They are grown in premium Victorian soil, with just the right amount of rainfall and perfect temperate climate. This results in a superior product on your plate.

Psst!!.. Dad has also won lots of awards at the Royal Melbourne Show for his oats- we feel so proud!



Nice to Nature

Our goal is to deliver the best quality, most nutritional product to your plate. In doing that we want to ensure we have minimal environmental impact. Also, everything we make is based on plants. None of our products have anything to do with the animal kingdom whatsoever and no animals were harmed in the making of our oats. Good stuff.



Didn’t your mumma ever tell you not to play with the food on your plate? 
Ours did and we don’t.  
No need to muck around with it. 
Our oats are just simple and delicious, the way nature intended them to be.