Managing your subscription – Dad's Oats

Managing your subscription

Here is a guide to logging in and managing your subscription of Dad's Oats.

 When you initially subscribed, you should have received the following email notification:


If not (or you can't find it), no problem, just go to the home page and click in the top-right corner:

Click 'Create account':


Enter your details - be sure to use the same email you created the subscription with:

It will send an email/link to your email:

Click through on the link:


After setting password, you can see your orders, Click 'Manage Subscription' :

You can see your active subscriptions:

1. Change dates

2. Change Frequency

3. Pause/restart subscription

4. View/change more details:

a. Shipping info
b. Payment info
c. Product in your subscription
d. Manage upcoming orders
e. Discount codes (we don't have these)
f. Transaction history
g. Cancel subscription



Specifically to update card - click 'View more detail'

and 'Edit' change and 'Save changes'