Managing your subscription – Dad's Oats

Managing your subscription

Here is a guide to logging in and managing your subscription of Dad's Oats.

 When you initially subscribed, you should have received the following email notification:


If not (or you can't find it), no problem, just go to the home page and click in the top-right corner:

Click 'Create account':


Enter your details - be sure to use the same email you created the subscription with:

It will send an email/link to your email:

Click through on the link:


After setting password, you can see your orders, Click 'Manage Subscription' :

You can see your active subscriptions:

Click on 'Frequency' to change frequency:

Confirm frequency:

Make sure you not the next shipping date is still based off the original frequency, to skip that shipment, Click 'Manage' on the right:

Click 'Upcoming orders':

Click 'Skip Shipment':

Now your orders will be based off the frequency selected.

Or alternatively, if you want to cancel your subscription, Click 'Delete Order' - it will ask/confirm why you want to cancel.